Pick a Card

Sorry for not posting for the last couple of days but I was busy with work.  I didn’t really remember my dreams as I had to get up and get ready right away.  Anyhow, the good news is I had a dream I can remember enough of to post today.

It started out showing various people who seemed to be involved in some sort of game that directed what they had to do in life.  A person would pick a card that would show them what to do about their problems.  Each card had words written on them as to what they should do in the situation.

The first person was standing near a house with backwards sloped roof.  A kid walked up to him and inquires what card he got.  He told the kid it said something like proceed with prudence.  The kid asks what they should do then and he tells him there is no choice and they must do what it says.

There were people who picked cards in this dream such as a woman and am older man.  I don’t recall what the cards said, but the woman seemed happy with what she got and the older man seemed to call a conference about his result.

That would be all I remember about the dream.  It is an interesting kind of concept, that much I can say.


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Posts on Wrong Site

I accidentally was posting on two different blogs at once–one with this website title and one that is http://amysweirdandwonderfuldreamsblog.wordpress.com/

Sorry for the confusion and most future posts hopefully will end up there. I can’t have 2 dream blogs at once you know–so unless overly tired and mess up again–people who enjoyed these posts can look at the other site.

Submarines and Job Applications

Well, last night I had two dreams I can remember.  The first dream was about a submarine and the second had to do with applying for jobs.

In the first before-mentioned dream, I was a third person type observer of what was going on inside a submarine.  I was just kind of in the background watching, like maybe a spirit or how people watch TV.

Anyhow, I seemed to peeking in on some sort of incident in the engine area.  People were checking gauges and pulling some levers.  Everything appeared to be fine until the place started shaking.

Apparently, they were either hit or hit something.  They started to rush in a panic to keep the situation under control.  This is where that dream ended.

My other dream involves being in the trailer I lived in before the current house was placed on the property.  I was inside my old bedroom using my computer to look up jobs.  However this was strange as the computer was on my bookshelf area in place of the aquarium.

Anyhow, was looking on the computer through job sites to apply for jobs.  I applied a couple of times to jobs, but then the computer went haywire.  It kept thinking I was using my old Tandy Color Computer from when I was a child.  It was almost as if the old computer was trying to haunt the new one.

It kept disrupting the content, saying this screen is too high of a resolution to work with your computer, please switch to another monitor.  Then it would go back to normal.  I started playing games and it kept disrupting the content.

Somehow, I was able to start working with the older computer.  I started to work with a program that turned the screen red except for a green box on it that had a title within it and all I remember is reading it was by someone.  Then it irritatingly flashed back to the other computer.  Suddenly, that dream came to an end.

Crazy Dream

I woke up special just to put this dream on here.  It’s about 6 AM here and I’m still a little tired.  Sometimes, I must post these before they disappear from my mind completely.

This dream was about a girl who seemed to have two boyfriends.  She met one in the process of the dream and another during the dream.  It seemed to start out with her being up late with a group of friends and they were seated around a table.

The group was discussing various things around a table with one of the topics being computers.  They decided to to order some pizza and make it into a party.   A radio was turned on and they started to dance.

The next thing I know the dream switches to the next day.  The girl is in her family home and it appears dark out again.  her family members are around, but also one of her boyfriends.  This one seems to be where she meets her blond boyfriend.

The next few sequences are simply various scenes where she is with her new boyfriend and her old one with dark hair.    Nothing really of note happens until the one day when a family member hears odd noises in the basement.

The girl and her two boyfriends are there and her little sister tells her that there is some sort of ghost in the basement.  Her parents say it was rumored to be the ghost of some murdered lady that they were told about when they moved in.

The girl decides to check out the ghost and brings everyone to the basement with her.  She and the blond boyfriend notice the ghost of a lady in the front portion of the basement who speaks to them.  Then they hear a noise in the back of the basement and the two venture back there.

They seem to notice–it is really dark in the basement–what looks like a man disappearing into a dark hole in the wall.  That’s when she lets out a scream after the disappearing man hits her.  “Something’s happened, turn on the lights!”  the blonde boyfriend calls out.

The lights are turned on and everyone else rushes in to see the girl lying on the floor.  “Oh no.”  the boyfriend who went with her remarks.   There she is, lying on the floor with blood down the front of her dress.  She appears dead and motionless.  They cannot get her to wake up.

“He did it, he killed her!” her other boyfriend accuses the blonde one.

“Now, now–wait a minute,”  the blonde protests and proceeds to explain there was some sort of dark haired man he could barely make out that somehow disappeared into the basement wall.  He points it out and they try to figure out how a person could get through.  It looks almost impossible, but there is a faint, roundish outline on the wall that looks like it could possibly open, but they can’t find a way in.

“I told you he did it!” the dark haired boyfriend exclaims.

“Now, now–we don’t know that.  We’ve only lived here for a few years–maybe there is something behind that wall.  Anyhow, we must call the police,”  the girl’s mother says.  The girl’s family members start to leave to make the call.  The dark haired boyfriend stares at the body, but the girl’s little sister convinces him to come upstairs with her.

The blonde boyfriend stays a little while longer and suddenly notices what he believes to be his girlfriend’s spirit standing over the body.  “Come with me later, we must escape to the sea,” she tells him and then disappears.  He rejoins the others upstairs.

When the police arrive everyone goes downstairs again.  The police go forward to examine what looks like a body which suddenly disappears before their eyes from a distance.  They walk over to the corner it was in and notice a bloodstain on the floor but nothing there.

The police return to the others and one says, “Without a body, there can be no murder charges or anything else.”

“I know he did it!”  the dark-haired boyfriend exclaims.  “He must have hid the body before he came upstairs.”

“Then how could the body be there when we came back–only to disappear while we were watching?”  the girl’s mother asks.

“Maybe he has an accomplice,” the dark-haired boyfriend suggests.  The others shake their heads at the remarks as if they’re ridiculous.

“Then that would would fit the fact that he said someone else did it,” the little sister responded.   The police then make them all go upstairs, with the blonde boyfriend lingering behind a bit to stare out of disbelief and go with the others.

After the police take statements, they are all free to go but are urged to stick around the city until the body is found.  It is late in the evening and everyone decides to get some rest.

Not long later, the girl appears to the blonde boyfriend again.  “Meet me at the ferry in two hours,” she tells him and before he  can protest, she disappears once again.

She appears to him right on schedule when he decides to go to the ferry later.  She urges him on board and they stand on it, taking in the views.  It turns out she has somehow gained some sort of power of teleportation from being struck as she is much more than a spirit.

When it is all said and done, the family remembers they had an upstairs neighbor who was at the house longer than they were.  They took ownership after the former owners moved out and let him stay.  he was the one who did it and they found some blood on the floor in his rooms.  However, there was no body as he explained the body disappeared after he tended to it and he showed them the secret passage he used to go to the basement that night.

He explained that something was appearing to him as he used the passage to the basement and he thought he was being followed so he struck her.  The police arrest him for assault and the family then finds out the girl is alive but shift from place to place and project her spirit.

That was pretty much it for that dream.